The master nodes perform the function of decentralizing their supporting network, providing fast and anonymous transactions.

The owners of the master nodes are rewarded for this contribution with the help of payments, receiving passive income.

If you want to proceed for a manual installation please note thats the process require technical skills, a VPS with dedicated IP address capable to run 24/7 and time for installation.



1) Open wallet
On the wallet click on Tools – Debug Console
2) In console enter the command: createmasternodekey
and press enter
(In response, we get the secret key – copy it to a text file)
3) Enter the command: getnewaddress and press enter
(In response, we get the address of the wallet of our masternode
– copy it to a text file)
4) Send the amount needed for masternodes collateral of 2000 PNY to the address that you just generated
In the label field, invent and enter any name for your masternode
MN collateral is updated (increased) automatically between blocks.:
blocks 425000-630000(5000 pny)
blocks 630000-855000(10000 pny)
blocks 850000-to end (20000 pny)
5) Wait 30 confirmations .
If you run the masternode before you receive 30 confirmations your masternode will not work and you will have to restart the procedure!
6) Open debug console
enter the command: getmasternodeoutputs and press enter
(copy txhash and outputidx to a text file)
7) Go to C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Peony\Masternode.conf
8) Add the following entry:
Alias address:port privatekey transaction index
9) Save and close the file.
10) Download PuTTY from the official website :
11) Open it  Start – all apps – PuTTY
12) Enter the IP Address – this is the IP address of your server and click Open
13) You will likely get a window saying “PuTTY Security Alert”. Because this is a server you have not connected to before, PuTTY will ask you to confirm this is the server, just click “Yes”
14) PuTTY will now ask you for your username. By default, this is root.
Write: root [Enter]
15) The root password can be found on the server information Click Copy Password
16) After entering the password (you will not see anything when typing) press Enter again
17) You have successfully logged into your server
Next, enter the command to install our wallet on the server
(using the copy=right-click enter)
wget -N  [Enter]
bash  [Enter]
18) Wait wallet loading
19) After full loading  enter your PNY Masternode Private Key [Enter]
20) Enter exit [Enter]
21) Close the wallet and start it again. Make sure the wallet is run
22) Go to Masternodes.
23) Select your MN and click Start