The master nodes perform the function of decentralizing their supporting network, providing fast and anonymous transactions.

The owners of the master nodes are rewarded for this contribution with the help of payments, receiving passive income.

If you want to proceed for a manual installation please note thats the process require technical skills, a VPS with dedicated IP address capable to run 24/7 and time for installation.



Get an account on Vultr

Register for an account with Vultr through our ref link (thats help us on maintaining active nodes)


Create an account




Click the billing tab and select a payment method




Click the servers tab – Deploy New Server




Choose a Server Location

(it is best to choose the one closest to you)




Select server Type Ubuntu 18.04 x64

Select server size  $5/mo VPS




Skip down to section 7 and set a server Hostname & Label

(could be anything you like)

Click Deploy Now



Wait about 5 minutes for the server to finish the installation


Wallet configuration for masternode

Download the PNY wallet to your personal computer from the official website or  github

You must also have the necessary collateral to start the masternode 2000 PNY
(It is recommended to have a 2001 coin as there is a transaction fee)
You can buy the collateral needed on ,



Open wallet

On the wallet click on Tools – Debug Console



In console enter the command: masternode genkey and press enter

In response, we get the secret key – copy it to a text file




Enter the command: getnewaddress and press enter

In response, we get the address of the purse of our masternode

– copy it to a text file




Send the amount needed for masternodes collateral of 2000 PNY to the address that you just generated

In the label field, invent and enter any name for your masternode



– copy you name masternode to a text file




Click on the transactions tab

The clock will change to a green check mark

Wait 30 confirmations

If you run the masternode before you receive 30 confirmations your masternode will not work and you will have to restart the procedure!




You can view your wallet and masternode addresses by also enabling the function in the settings




Now that we have received 30 confirmations or more, proceed to the next step




Open debug console

enter the command: masternode outputs and press enter




– copy txhash and outputidx to a text file




Now you need to copy the ip address of your server

also write port 16889




Click on ToolsOpen Masternode Configuration File




In the Masternode configuration file we need to enter all the collected information



After entering press FileSave and close




Download PuTTY from the official website


Open it

Start – all apps – PuTTY



Open vultr click on the servers tab – click on your server




Enter the IP Address – this is the IP address of your Vultr server

Port – the default port for SSH is 22

Click Open




You will likely get a window saying “PuTTY Security Alert”. Because this is a server you have not connected to before, PuTTY will ask you to confirm this is the server, just click “Yes



PuTTY will now ask you for your username. By default, this is root.


root [Enter]


The root password can be found on the server information 

Click Copy Password


In the Ubuntu console, you paste using the right-click enter. Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V do not work.

The selection is also automatically copied to the clipboard

After entering the password (you will not see anything when typing)

press Enter again



You have successfully logged into your server



Next, enter the command to install our wallet on the server

using the copy=right-click enter

wget [Enter]
wget [Enter]


Wait wallet loading when the wallet is loaded, enter the commands

chmod +x pnyd pny-cli [Enter]
mkdir .peony [Enter]
nano .peony/pny.conf [Enter]

We opened the configuration file in which we enter the settings


rpcuser=your_username [Enter]                      Create a name         save to text file
rpcpassword=your_password [Enter]              Create a password   save to text file
rpcallowip= [Enter]
server=1 [Enter]
daemon=1 [Enter]
logtimestamps=1 [Enter]
maxconnections=256 [Enter]
masternode=1 [Enter]
externalip=your_vps_ip [Enter]

It should be like this


Save with Ctrl + X, confirm with Y and press Enter

./pnyd [Enter]

We launched peony server

turning off the wallet:

killall pnyd [Enter]

wallet launch:

./pnyd [Enter]
exit [Enter]



Close and restart your PNY Desktop Wallet

After restarting your Wallet go to Masternodes Section select your Masternode and click on Start Alias



Congratulations you launched the masternode



Now your Masternode is working





Changing your password


For security purposes and for fast access, it is a good practice to change your password after creating your server.


 passwd [Enter]

Make up your new password – copy it – right-click and enter

repeat action

Your password has been changed.


exit [Enter]