When Peony Coin was launched the original goal was for "Peony Coin to be a decentralized cryptocurrency designed to be a fiat alternative for e-commerce peer-to-peer transactions.", the goal was achieve this without any pre-sale or ICO.

Where are we today?

Since the end of 2019 the team have redesigned the website to match the PIVX wallet design, upgraded the wallet, made numerous partnerships with hosting companies so give our investors some of the lowest costs and most diverse choices possible.
Our masternodes currently provide a very solid return of 150% ROI We are currently raising awareness of our coin via other partnerships such as the sponsorship of https://masternodes.buzz/.

What does the future look like?

We are looking for other ways to improve the future of Peony Coin for our investors past the very solid ROI, including redesigning the reward structure to include superblocks once the coin completes its next collaterol increase to 20k.