When Peony Coin was launched the original goal was for "Peony Coin to be a decentralized cryptocurrency designed to be a fiat alternative for e-commerce peer-to-peer transactions.", the goal was achieve this without any pre-sale or ICO.

Where are we today?

**Updated 14/02/21**
We will integrate our coin into the DECENOMY network. This will allow us to access the resources of the DECENOMY group and we get a new use case. Okaber will continue to lead the Coin and am pleased to have found a strong partner.
DECENOMY is also known as the SAPP team they are the guys who brought SAPP from 1 Satoshi to over 400 Satoshi in 15 months and to a market cap from nearly 100 Mio. USD.

What does the future look like?

**Updated 14/02/21**
Peony will get a coin for shared economy in the agricultural sector. The name fits perfectly and there is a great need for it. The idea is that consumers participate in agricultural goods and animals and receive a certain amount of the produced products for free or at a reduced price. We are talking about environmentally sound and animal-friendly agriculture.