From Chinese dynasties to stories of Greek mythology, the peony flower has been a symbol of prosperity, honor and good fortune. 

Peony Coin is a decentralized cryptocurrency designed to be a fiat alternative for e-commerce peer-to-peer transactions. 

We created Peony with the internet consumer in mind, focusing on Speed, Affordability, and Security.

Our team will focus our energy on creating a GREAT product while targeting the e-commerce retail market in order to grow our client base and to forge new partnerships in the industry. 

With the growth of blockchain technology, the urge to decentralize how we process transactions, and the growing need for security in the digital age, we offer a solution that makes sense for both the consumer and the retailer. 

We welcome you to the age of PEONY, and wish you prosperity and good fortune! 



The number of coins that were not sold during the presale were burned by sending them to the following address


This measure has been taken to retain the seizure of the network.

The gradual destruction of coins increases both price and the confidence of investors while ensuring the safety of deposits.

Why such a small bounty amount?

We researched several other projects, some of which awarded astronomical bounties.  The results often resulted on both a negative impact on the project AND the investors. Instead of raising the bounties to such high proportions, we chose to reduce the block size, and let the price trajectory move in natural, beneficial way. 


More recently, popularity has grown for POS mining and masternodеs, but many have difficulties in calculating profits, choosing strategies, and many individuals have experienced issues with wallets and creating nodes.

Therefore we decided to create a POS mining community where everyone can share information, analyze projects, and communicate with each other to assist with technical issues as they arise.

A basic requirement for participation in this pool is a commission of 0.5%, which will go to the technical support of the pool and the development of the community.




No Coins Selected


Proof of stake

Block 0 -16000 – 88%

Block 16001 – 88000 – 168%

Block 88001 – 168000 – 1688%

Block 168000 – end – 88%

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